DIY Affordable HairStyles For Summer

For some time, I never wore weave in my hair! I decided to try some new looks this summer. 2017 is the year to branch out and try new things. I’m not a professional, but I love to change up my hair styles almost every week. Despite my wallet not being able to handle my frequent hairstyles, I found ways to do it myself for much cheaper than the salon!

DIY Box Braids


This is the perfect protective style for the summer! For this look, I used five packs of braiding hair and made about 25-30 braids. I decided to do chunky braids just to be able to quickly create the style and wear for a few weeks. I started on freshly washed and conditioned hair and worked with ecostyler gel throughout. My parts were nowhere near straight, but the style still looked great. I used the rubber band method to make my parts smooth and tight.


This style took about 5 hours to do, but don’t let that time scare you! This was my first time doing braids with added hair. But do realize, braids take a long time to do anyway. I watched TV and talked with my sisters while I completed this look.


I ended up loving these braids and all the compliments I received from them. People will think you paid $150+ for these but it only cost you around $5! P.S. My local beauty supply has a 6-pack of braiding hair for only $5 so hopefully you can find some deals too!

DIY Pigtails 


These pigtails are so fun to wear! For this look, I used about 4 packs of braiding hair for a full and dramatic look. This is more of a one-day hairstyle but perfect for summer activities. I started these on stretched hair that I dampened and went in with my ecostyler gel to slick the hair down.


This style took me about 15 minutes to complete and mostly because of frustration. Many people put braiding ponytails in on top of buns, however, I had a hard time hiding my bun and being exposed! Instead, I kept my real hair out and wrapped that around my pigtails.


I absolutely love having a lot more hair than normal. This hairstyle is clearly over the top dramatic, but it could always be changed to your own liking! For a less dramatic look use fewer packs of hair and/or cut the braiding hair shorter.

DIY Side Ponytail


This side ponytail is super easy to create and made me feel like Beyoncé! For this look, I used two packs of braiding hair. This ponytail is less dramatic than the two pigtails and could be dressed up or down. I started this style on damp hair and used ecostyler to smooth my hair.


This style took me about 15 minutes but most of the time was spent trying to smooth my hair into a ponytail. The process of adding the braiding hair is easy, all it takes is wrapping a hair tie or rubber band around your ponytail.


This ponytail had me feeling like something special and it only cost me less than $5!!! And still I love to play in hair and make it extremely long, but you could always snip some off.

I hope you enjoyed these hairstyles and try some for yourself! They are all super easy and affordable to slay this summer. If you want your hair laid but don’t have the funds just DIY!

Products used:

  • wide tooth comb
  • water in a spray bottle
  • boar bristle brush
  • rubber bands
  • hair ties
  • ecostyle gel (black castor and flaxseed oil) – I adore this gel btw. 
  • olive oil hair lotion

What’s your go-to summer hairstyle? ❤️



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