Hey loves! I’m back with another hair post and excited to announce that I will be starting a series called “return to natural”. Each post in the series will reflect transitioning and the return of hair to its natural state. 

After years of hating my hair for being big and curly, I love my hair to pieces and focus on getting rid of the years of hate done to it. Everyone’s hair story is different, and I hope that mine could help you appreciate your natural hair a little more. My journey is still in route, and I would enjoy nothing but to share mine with you. I’m still learning new techniques and hairstyles, it would be cool to share mine and you share yours in the comments for everyone to learn a bunch of new things. 

This series will include my natural hair journey, transitioning, products, and more. Anything you would like to see in this series? Just leave a comment and let me know! I will do my best to have this series with tips and ideas for you to try on your own transitioning hair or natural hair. Also, everything won’t just be for us women, I’ll include some things for men as well. Let’s all help each other return to natural. 

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