I’m leaving…

I am extremely grateful for all of you that support my blog and Instagram. Love and support are so important for anything to succeed. Paris Atavia would not exist for me if I did not have people like you reading and leaving me feedback. The comments, text, and dm’s I have received from family, friends, and readers are so heartwarming. 

To think that I took so long to finally put my thoughts into words is shocking because I have so much support I never believed I would obtain. This whole thing is still new and nowhere near where I want it to be, but I know the love and appreciation for my post are there! We together can get Paris Atavia (the blog and literal me) somewhere. I just wanted to say thank you for that!


Now I have some exciting news to share that will come with great content for you all! I will be going to Mexico for a month for studying abroad. I will be working with the deaf community and practicing Spanish. 

I will be journaling, recording, and capturing every moment while in Mexico to reflect and share with you all. I am extremely blessed for this opportunity. I can not believe that my first time leaving Michigan will be going to another country. Let’s not mention the butterflies in my tummy about being on a plane for the first time. 

With this amazing opportunity, I will not be posting on my blog until I get back. However, I would appreciate if you didn’t forget about me, I’ll be back in no time! When I come back I will continue posting and coming up with better content. Mexico should bring many photos and post so stay tuned! Make sure you keep up with my Instagram (follow me! @parisqt) until I get back.  

Thank you again for the support! Please make sure you follow my blog, you can get notified whenever I post! And make sure you like this 👍 

Also when I post my blog to other sites like Facebook and Twitter, it would be appreciated if you share or retweet in oppose to only liking. It allows my blog to circulate and attract new readers! Thank you. 


Let’s make this blog better together! What do you want to see next? Feel free to leave a comment here or on my Instagram (parisqt)

Adiós amigos ❤️ ( I have to go pack, sadly haven’t started yet. I know I’m terrible)


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  1. You are so awesome I’m so proud of you keep up the great work. Love you enjoy and be safe 💋😆🖐💋!


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